Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Snicker Ravioli's

Cut up Snicker Ravioli

I forgot to take a picture of it cut open so the above picture is the picture Jenn took.

Just like The Macaroni Grill's Snicker Raviolis.


won tons

cut up snickers

egg wash ( egg white with a couple drops of water)


Put the snickers inside and to seal the won ton you put egg wash on the edges and throw it in bubbling hot canola oil and within 30 seconds it's ready! Sprinkle with powered sugar and serve with ice cream.

The Results:
I had some hot fudge left over but I was too impatient to put the hot fudge on. As soon as these bad boys were done we ate them up. I got the recipe from one of the recipe blogs I contribute to Food, Friends and Fun. This was yummy and easy.

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