Friday, September 19, 2008

Skor Cake

1 box Chocolate Cake Mix
1 (5.9 oz)box Chocolate Instant Jell-O Pudding
1 tub of Cool Whip
6 Skor bars (crushed)
Start with making the Instant Chocolate Pudding (make according to directions on box)
Bake the Chocolate cake (according to directions). I used two 8-inch round pans. Once they are done let them cool down for about an hour on a wire rack.
Now start to assemble: I used a trifle dish. So I started with putting the cake in the bottom, then put the pudding on, whip cream and crushed Skor. Then repeat the layer. Cake, Pudding, Cool Whip and crushed Skor bar.
The Results:
This is not a fancy smancy dessert but it is oh so good. When my mother in law first made this I knew it was meant for me. It is all chocolate and is AWESOME. If you are a chocoholic this has your name written all over it.


Pam said...

This looks great! I love skor bars.

Julia said...

Ohhh my... I know several people that would probably pass out if I made this. It looks soooo yummy. I love the pedistal bowl too. Awesome!